Identity Coaching

Empowering you to take out your trash and reclaim your identity so that you can take charge of your life and start living it your way, for you!

Individual, Couples, and Group Coaching

    Individual Coaching

    For individuals who want to change the way they feel about their lives starting with themselves. They don’t feel connected to who they are anymore or what they want and no matter how hard they try they just don’t feel happy in their own lives. My clients are ready to take out their trash, the things that no longer serve them and reclaim their identity so that they can take charge of their lives and start living it their way, for them.

    Couples Coaching

    For couples who fee out of sync with each other and struggle to be more than just roommates with responsibilities. They feel alone and uncertain in their relationship and just want to connect like they used to.  My clients are ready to reignite their spark, build healthy communication and feel connected again.

    Group Coaching

    For individuals, couples and families that feel like they need to make changes to the way they feel, act and live their lives.  Through various programs, masterminds, seminars, bootcamps and retreats my clients want to connect and learn to create a specific outcome with other likeminded group members.

    Melissa Krechler, Identity Coach

    I started coaching over 5 years ago because I saw a need to help people overcome the negative thoughts, emotions and experiences plaguing them.  I knew that with my knowledge and experiences I would be able to help them remove what was making them unhappy, reclaim who they are and take charge of their lives in a safe, judgment free environment.

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