About Me

Melissa Krechler

If you want to take out your trash, the things that no longer make you happy and reclaim your identity, the person you are at your core and take charge of your life so that you can start living it your way, for you, then click the link and set up a Clarity Session with me today.

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

It’s not easy when it feels like your identity is being slowly chipped away by the situations and even the people in your life. When the people who are supposed to help you are the ones, it seems, who are making it worse.  You deserve to feel great and I am definitely here to help.

My Background

I have spent my entire life battling situations, people and emotions that have threatened to shatter my own sense of self, my identity.  From a manipulative and conditional family, a narcissistic parent, foster care, homelessness, prostitution, seclusion and removal of my own family from my life.  But, I have always been able to easily understand what I needed to do to make myself happy, healthy and in control of my own life.  This is what I bring to you today.

My Approach & Philosophy

I believe that all of our negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs come from our own sense of self, our Identity.  In this identity lies every decision, action or reaction we make.  When we have “trash” living in our identity, it wreaks havoc with the rest of our lives and keeps us second guessing our abilities, existence and worthiness. With the right mindset we are able to remove the “trash” and reclaim our own unique identity.  This empowers us with self-love, confidence, respect, clarity and the power we need to once again take control of our own lives.  This is when we start living our lives our way, for ourselves!

I was in the 2nd worst place in my life.. Just to give you an understanding of my story. I was a Victim Services Program Manager. I lost most of my board members due to them moving away.. I was then back stabbed/undermined by a friend, and a coworker, bullied by the new board.. I was undergoing family stress, and trying to support victims. I was under immense pressure and stress. I had to leave my job. I was being victimized by the very people I thought would never do that. My husband got a job in another community. We moved. I was suffering from what I believe was ptsd. I had thoughts of suicide. Had felt so bad. I knew I had to find a way to help myself and heal myself from the trauma. I first went to Mental Health. I found it wasn’t helping. I kept looking for connections that would help me become better. This is when I found Melissa. I had made a connection with her. I started confiding in her my problems. She listened and challenged me to think differently. There were many messages and conversations that she did not charge. She knew I needed help and she cared enough to give me the tools I needed to drag myself out of my hole. I honestly don’t know what it would have been like without her support and guidance. Those people stole from me but she gave me back to me. Today I am still connected and feel very grateful. I have come a long way on my journey. Thanks to her..


You help find the calm amidst the chaos; make disconnected anomalies into a connect-the dots picture. You take a dark tunnel and turn the light on so other’s can more easily find their way. You help find the silver lining in the cloud…  You helped me take a shit storm of random thoughts and beliefs and lay them all out for a closer look, tossing out that which doesn’t serve me and replacing it all with a positive, organized plan that helps me become my best version of me… When you can spend 30 mins with someone you’ve never met, and they understand your journey – where you’ve been, where you are, where your going – it can be an uncomfortable and daunting experience. My call with Melissa was anything but. We may as well have been having a chat over coffee at the kitchen table, catching up on old times. She was warm, understanding, supportive and empathetic. Non-judgmental.  Melissa was able to take seemingly random incidents sprinkled over years of living, stitch them all together, and weave a pattern of personal discovery.  It was a free call that help me plant my feet firmly and look forward to the next steps. I’d recommend her get-real, uplifting guidance for anyone needing clarity in their life.


On My Way To Us is a real break through book on dating, relationships and love! Melissa is real, raw, and brutally honest in such a way as to educate, inspire and guide us. Shock value aside, Melissa digs deep and offers us all hope and more importantly a road map to manifesting the man of our dreams without sacrificing who we are and what we want. Women you must read this if you are looking to finally live your happily ever after!


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