I wanted to share some hings to consider when looking for your answers, especially from others.

Are you looking for answers?  Are you struggling to find the purpose to your life? The strength in your struggles?  The meaning behind your experiences?

You may see posts from individuals, telling you that they have the answers. They may very well have the answers, they may have many answers just as I do but, do they have your answers?

I learned a long time ago you can learn from many different people, even if they don’t give you the answers you are looking for.  Why? How? Well, simply put, because they give you the tools you need to find the answers yourself.

I don’t have your answers.  Only you have the answers you are looking for.  I can guide, coach and mentor you.  I can teach you tools, techniques, practices and thought processes that can help you.  But, ultimately only you have the answers.  I can’t tell you the answer to your problem is meditation if you don’t believe it works.  I can’t tell you the answer is reading tarot cards if you don’t know how to use divination. I can’t give you the answers to your questions without…

  1. Asking you questions to understand what you truly need.
  2. Understanding the experiences you have had to cause your beliefs.
  3. Learning your beliefs so that I know what can help and what can’t.
  4. Getting into your mindset and identifying any limiting beliefs.
  5. Learning what you like and dislike.
  6. Learning what you have tried before.
  7. Connecting to your energy and using my own gifts to truly see you. (whether you believe or not)
  8. Speaking with you!!!

Coaches, guides, mentors, teachers, etc. aren’t meant to make you happy or give you the answers you are looking for.  They are meant to help teach you techniques, guide you to finding your own answers, coach you through the changes or life lessons you are going through.

Does that mean you shouldn’t work with them, absolutely not.  This just means that you should be aware in how we work, speaking from my own experience. We help you uncover different levels of emotion, physical, mental and spiritual awareness so that you can process things differently.

“My business isn’t to make you happy. My business is to teach you how to make yourself happy.” Melissa Krechler

I will give you the tools, techniques, practices, mindset, understanding, love, guidance, lessons, etc. that you need to find the answers, so that you can live the life you love.  I will teach and guide you on how to live through life’s tough moments.

But, I will not give you your answers, because honestly, only you have them.  I will help you uncover them.

Much Love,