I quite often hear people ask about Soul Mates and Twin Flames so I thought I would explain the different types of relationships we can have during our time here.  In every one of these types of relationships you can experience trauma, hardships, sorrow and pain.  We task our greatest, most painful and horrific lessons to those who are closest to us in our Soul Family.


A soul family is a group of souls that frequent lifetimes together.  They are the ones that you instantly feel a connection with, even if you’ve just met.  It’s the “I feel like I’ve known you forever” feeling.  This could be family, friends, companions, etc.

Soul Family members can be here to help guide you, teach you, love you, support you and change the way you see life.

Each person has a purpose in your life.


A Karmic Relationship is the kind of relationship no one wants to experience but most people do.  A Karmic Relationship is only meant to teach, show or heal.

These relationships feel like they are intoxicating but no matter how much you try they just don’t work.  Which is part of the lesson. You must let them go and learn the lesson they are meant to reveal.

Karmic Relationships are the ones that change your outlook on the external, life, other people.  These relationships are meant to get you ready for the next phases of your ideal relationship.


A Soul Mate can feel like a once in a lifetime love.  These relationships usually come after a Karmic Relationship.

These relationships can be great and can seem as though they are meant to be, which they are.

In Soul Mate relationships you find a loving, caring, simple relationships that shows you comfort, joy, and that feel good love we all crave.

These relationships are beautiful and open our eyes to who we are.  These are the relationships that make us look internally at who we are, what we want and what our purpose is.


This relationship has said to be very rare and usually only happens when you are getting close to being in your last lifetime.

What is said about Twin Flames is that they are your shared soul.  These are the absolute once in a lifetime loves.  They are rare, beautiful, challenging and are mirrors of yourself.

Twin Flames love, guide, challenge, support and show you everything.  If there are things about yourself that you fight or may not like, then your Twin Flame will be that aspect of you.

These loves feel as though you are home.  No matter the struggle, anger, fear, hurt or betrayal there is an animalistic need to be together.  There is an undeniable feeling of love no matter what transpires.

It is rare to not be with your twin flame if you meet in a lifetime.  The pull is too great.

During this time in the Universe Twin Flame relationships are on the rise but are still more rare than any other relationship.

How to know what your relationship is?

In each of these relationships you will instinctively know which one you are experiencing.  When you look at a person, family member, lover, companion you identify what you feel, what they feel.  If you are tapped into your intuition, soul knowledge and abilities even a little bit you will know.

A Soul Family relationship is tumultuous, has love but is not usually of the romantic sort.

A Karmic Relationship feels dangerous, exciting, intoxicating almost obsessive but is not meant to last.  This relationship usually has a very specific purpose.

A Soul Mate is the safe, sweet, comforting kind of love.  This relationship shows you all about yourself and forces you to look internally.

A Twin Flame is the strongest, most overpowering love you can imagine.  The feeling of being home, safe, supported, loved, challenged and brought to an amazing awareness.

My Experiences

I have had every single one of these relationships.  Everyone that I have met in my Soul Family in this lifetime has shown me a lesson, has guided and taught me.  Some have come and gone, some are lasting my lifetime.

The Karmic Relationship I had wasn’t even a relationship.  It was a sexual obsession.  I believed in my teens that I was madly in love with this person.  I gave him everything he wanted, whenever he wanted, and I felt intoxicated in his presence.  He was self-consumed and had no interest in me other than what he wanted.  He didn’t give me anything other than a good dose of learning what I didn’t want.

My two Soul Mate relationships were also great lessons.

The first one taught me what it was liked to be loved and given whatever I wanted. I abused the love of this relationship. He taught me how to love another without always thinking of myself and my own needs.

The second one taught me about authenticity, taught me to look into myself and trust my intuition in a relationship.  To respect my own wishes, wants and needs.  This one taught me to love myself first.

All of them in their own ways prepared me to be with my Twin Flame.

I used to dream about my perfect mate.  The one person I can say was born for me and I was born for them.  It wasn’t just in my night dreams.  These dreams were also during the day.

When we did finally meet it was an instant connection.  We knew, we feared, and we made choices based on those fears.  We did what seems crazy now, but we are together.

He challenges me on a daily basis, he strives to make me better, to question myself, to question my motives.  He supports me and gives me exactly what I need at the right time.  If I need a fight, he gives it to me, if I need loving attention, he gives it to me.  He isn’t caught up in fairy tale romances but is down to Earth and knows what I really want.  He knows what I am thinking without me saying a word.

This love is all consuming.  He is the perfect fit for my soul.  When we come together in a hug, kiss or intimately it’s like we are home and our universe is complete.

When we fight, and we sure do, there is never a doubt in my mind or his that there is and always will be love.  I can literally picture myself throat punching him at times and yet I don’t ever want to be without him.  10 Years and many experiences later and I still melt at the knees when he smiles at me!!!

It can sometimes be hard to tell what each relationship is.  Just know that it doesn’t really matter which relationship you are in.  In each of them I experienced love, happiness, sexuality, joy, anger, hurt and forgiveness.  They all have lessons to teach and experiences to give.  Live in the moment without fear, concern or trepidation on what the future will bring.

Have dreams, set goals, make plans but always…

Live in the moment

Fight in the moment

Love in the moment

For the next moment is never guaranteed!

Much Love,