How many of you believe that Spiritual Protection is for negative entities or is only used when you believe there is something to fear?

That is a common myth about Protection. You are told that you don’t need it because you have nothing to fear.

Now while you don’t have anything to fear from the spiritual realm per se, there are other reasons you would want to put spiritual protections into place.


The energy of others

The energy in your home, car or office

The energy of spirits

The energy of emotions, feelings and beliefs

The energy of your gifts

The energy of past lives

The energy of your experiences

The energy of nature

The energy of your body

The energy of your gifts and abilities.

You want to use spiritual protections to safeguard your energy. Not because you have to fear negative things, but because of the impact these things have on your own energy.

Like a Spiritual practitioner who uses their energy, gifts and abilities to help others experiences burnout and fatigue.

Like the Empath and Medium who experience panic, anxiety and fear when they are out of their home, or even in their home because of the impact of the energy of other people and spirits.

Like the people who haven’t awakened their gifts and abilities because they fear what will happen.

In every one of these situations and so many more spiritual protections can help you remove the fear, the burnout, the overwhelm that many of us face.

Spiritual protection is one of the most important things to learn.

What Spiritual Protection tools, techniques and practices are you using or want to learn about?