Let’s talk about blame…

We blame everyone else for the things that are “bad” in our lives!!!!

Do we blame everyone else for the “good” in our lives?

NO!!!  Look what I did?  I created this! I manifested that!!!  Yes some of us will give credit to others for pointing us in the right direction but it isn’t because of them that something good happened.  You did that!!!

Why is it that we take credit for all the “good” things in our lives but blame all the “bad” things on everyone else?

When we grow up, we blame our parents if our life is crap, we didn’t go to university/college, if we are drug addicts, if we don’t have “good” relationships.

We end up blaming everyone for everything.  THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

“When I need someone, there is no one there for me!!!”  Well my question is why do you need anyone?  Why should it be someone else’s responsibility to pull you out of the mess you created?

There are people who play the blame and victim game ALL the TIME.  Are you one of them? Do you blame your ex because you are in debt? Do you blame your parents because you don’t have an education? Do you blame me because you can’t afford my services?  Do you blame the person who abused you and you turned to drugs to “cope” with what they did to you?

I don’t.  I don’t blame my father for being sexually inappropriate.  I don’t blame my mother for putting me into foster care.  I don’t blame the many men and women who took advantage of me sexually.  I don’t blame anyone else for my drugs, prostitution and any other choices I made!

Ok so to backtrack when we are abused, neglected and unloved as children we do NOT have a choice to stop it.  We do but its minimal and obscured by fear.

What we do have a choice in is what we do about it later.  Just because you suffer trauma as a child does not mean you are statistically going to be a “bad” person who does drugs, hurts other people, etc.  I chose to do every one of the things I did.  I used to say I was forced into prostitution by someone else.  Well looking back I chose to leave my safety to be with that person, but I also chose to get out, how did I get out, well I did it because someone else showed me how.  As soon as I was shown a way out, I took it!

You ALWAYS have a choice.  No one else is to blame for the things you choose to do.  No one forced the drugs into your system, no one forced you to become a sexual predator, no one forced you to stay in a toxic relationship and no one forced you to be the person you are. *

You create everything in your life!!! EVERYTHING!!!!

* If you are literally forced to do something, you are only forced the first time, in that first time you are a victim.  If you allow it to happen again then you are no longer a victim!!!  If you disagree go and look at my victim mentality blog.

The only person who can save you, change you, and make things better is you.  YOU must CHOOSE to change, to do things differently, to make it work and to create the life you want!!!

Stop playing the victim, stop blaming anyone else and start changing.  Start to understand who you are, what you want and what you are truly capable of.

If you can create a crappy life, with crappy circumstances and with a crappy mindset then just think of what you can do with a positive mindset.

Get inspired, get knowledge and get the help.  You can get help but make sure the help you get will TEACH you how to rely on yourself, how to OWN YOUR POWER and how to LOVE YOURSELF!!!

Much Love,